New Program Arranged For U.S. Newsmen

A program designed to assist newsmen of U.S. secular papers in covering the ecumenical council has been started here.

Each day on which there is a council session, newsmen will meet afterward with a panel of U.S. priests, experts in various fields, who will answer questions and explain points relating to Church terminology and practices.

It is believed these explanations will help reporters in interpreting the bulletins issued before the meetings by the council press office.

The program has been set up through the Rome office of the National Catholic Welfare Conference by a committee composed of Bishop Albert R. Zuroweste of Belleville, Ill., as chairman; Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan of Atlanta, Bishop Thomas K. Gorman of Dallas-Fort Worth, Bishop John J. Wright of Pittsburgh, Auxiliary Bishop James H. Griffiths of New York and Auxiliary Bishop Philip M. Hannan of Washington.

The panel of experts includes Fathers Francis J. Connell, C.SS.R., of the Catholic University of America, whose field is theology; Francis J. McCool, S.J., of New York, professor at the Pontifical Biblical Institute of Rome, whose field is Sacred Scripture; John B. Sheerin, C.S.P., of New York, editor of the Catholic World, whose interest is in ecumenical activity; Edward L. Heston, C.S.C., procurator general of the Holy Cross Fathers, whose field is canon law; William H. Keeler of the Harrisburg diocesan tribunal, whose field is theology and canon law; Frederick R. McManus of Boston and the Catholic University of America, whose field is the liturgy; Eugene H. Maly of Mount St. Mary Seminary of West Norwood, Ohio, whose field is Sacred Scripture; Robert F. Trisco of Chicago and Catholic University, whose field is Church history; and John P. McCormick, S.S., rector of the Sulpician seminary in Washington, whose field is dogmatic theology and liturgy.

William H. Fanning, Jr., of the Catholic News of New York, presided at the opening session of the panel, introducing panelists and serving as chairman.

Since the first topic being considered by the council is the liturgy, newsmen centered on this subject at the meeting. Questions were directed chiefly at Fathers McManus, Connell, Heston and Sheerin.

Burke Walsh
NC Assistant Director

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