Here’s What Latest Liturgy Amendments Approved by Council Would Do

The 10 amendments to Chapter V of the liturgy schema were passed by the council Fathers (Oct. 24 and 25).

The amendments:

1. Put greater emphasis on the preeminent role of the Blessed Virgin in the Church’s liturgical cycle.

2. Stressed the fact that, in close connection with the liturgical year, the Church also makes use of instruction, prayer, works of mercy and penance as elements in the formation of the laity.

3. Provided that, if it becomes necessary to make adaptations in the liturgical year because of special local circumstances, this shall be done with the authority of the episcopal conferences.

4. Stressed the importance of the observance of Sunday in the liturgical year.

5. Pointed up the twofold aspect of Lent as a period of preparation for Baptism and as a season of penance, showing how both lead to a full share in the Paschal mystery.

6. Noted that Lenten instructions should not fail to stress the social character and consequences of sin and to make clear the nature of sin as an offense against God.

7. Stated that penitential practices, in accordance with the changed conditions of the times and adapted to local possibilities and conditions, should be urged and commended by the competent authorities.

8. Declared the saints are to be honored and their images and authentic relics are to be held in veneration.

9. Provided that Articles 85 and 86 of the schema be taken out of the main body of the text and be made an appendix entitled “Declaration of the Second Vatican Council on the Reform of the Calendar.”

10. Stated that the council considers the wish expressed by many for a fixed Sunday for Easter and for a permanent calendar is of importance and hence, after paying due heed to the consequences that may follow from such a new calendar, declares that such changes shall be studied.

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