Auditors Named for Final Council Session

Fifty-two men and women have been named auditors for the fourth session of the ecumenical council, according to a news bulletin of the Permanent Committee for International Congresses of the Lay Apostolate.

Of the total, 29 are men and 23 are women, including 10 nuns.

The new appointments since the third session include:

K.C. Chacko, Catholic principal of the government engineering college at Trivandrum, India;

Raoul Delgrange of Belgium, former president of the International Catholic Children’s Bureau;

Frank Duff of Ireland, founder of the Legion of Mary and president of its concilium;

Baron Walter von Loe, chairman of the German and International Catholic Farmers Movements;

Joseph M. Fitzgerald, Miami, Fla., attorney, president of Serra International;

Martin Work, executive director, National Council of Catholic Men, Washington;

Mother Herome Chimy of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate;

Dr. Gertrud Ehrle, leading member of the German Catholic Women’s Union and a director of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations;

Miss Margarita Mayano Llerena of Argentina, president, World Federation of Catholic Young Women and Girls;

Miss Gladys Parentelli of Uruguay, vice president, International Catholic Farm Youth Movement;

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Alvarez Icaza, Mexico City, founders of the Christian Family Movement in Mexico;

Miss Hedwig Skoda of Czechoslovakia.

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