List of Observers, Guests at Current Session of Vatican II

This is the list of observers delegated by non-Catholic Christian churches and associations for the fourth session of the Second Vatican Council, together with the list of those attending the council as guests of the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity. Persons who have attended previous council sessions are marked by an asterisk (*).

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople — Metropolitan Emilianos of Calabria; Archimandrite Maximos Aghiorgoussis, rector of the Greek Orthodox church in Rome, and * Archimandrite Andreas Scrima, personal representative of Patriarch Athenagoras to the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity.

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria — Archimandrite Nikodemos Galiatsatos, patriarchal pro-vicar for Cairo; *Dr. Theodoros D. Mosconas, librarian of the patriarchate and editor of its official organ, Pantainos; and Dr. Vassos Canavatis, legal counselor of the patriarchate.

Russian Orthodox Church (Patriarchate of Moscow) — *Archpriest Vitaly Borovoy, vice chairman of the patriarchate’s department of inter-church relations and representative to the World Council of Churches; Archimandrite Juvenaly, a vice chairman of the department of inter-church relations, and *Archpriest Livery Voronov, a professor at the Leningrad theological school.

Bulgarian Orthodox Church — Archimandrite Joan, chief secretary of the metropolitan See of Sofia.

Orthodox Church of Georgia — *(Father Borovoy, besides heading the Moscow patriarchate’s delegation, is delegate of this autonomous church whose two million members are concentrated in the Soviet Republic of Georgia.)

Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt — Bishop Antonios of Sohag, secretary of the holy synod of the Coptic Patriarchate of Alexandria, and *Father Youhanna Guirguis, rector of St. Mark’s church, Hadaek-Choubrah, Egypt.

Orthodox Church of Ethiopia — Father Petros G. Selassie, rector of the Ethiopian Orthodox church in Jerusalem, and Dr. Sergeva H. Selassie, professor at the University of Addis Ababa.

Syrian Orthodox Church — *Father Saliba Shamoon, who is chief secretary to Patriarch Theodosios VI of Antioch.

Syrian Orthodox Church of India — Father C.T. Eapen, president of the Syrian Christian Congress and member of the Church’s executive committee.

Armenian Apostolic Church (Catholicate of Etchmiadzin) — *Bishop Parkev Kevorkian, delegate in Moscow of the Catholicos of Etchmiadzin and bishop of the Armenian community in Moscow, and *Krikor Bekmezian, lay theologian and member of the supreme spiritual council of the Catholicate.

Armenian Apostolic Church (Catholicate of Cilicia) — *Msgr. Karekin Sarkissian, superior of the Armenian theological seminary in Lebanon, and *Bishop Ardavazt Terterian of Marseilles, France.

Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia — *Archpriest Igor Troyanoff, rector of the Russian Orthodox Church in Lausanne, Switzerland, and *Archimandrite Ambrosy Pogodin, rector of the Russian Orthodox Church in Rome. Substitute: *Dr. Sergei Grotoff of the International University for Social Studies in Rome.

Old Catholic Church — *Canon P.J. Maan, professor of New Testament studies at the Old Catholic seminary at Amersfoort, the Netherlands, and vicar of the Old Catholic cathedral in Utrecht. Substitute: The Rev. Werner Kueppers, rector of the Old Catholic seminary at the University of Bonn, Germany.

Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar (India) — Bishop Thomas Athanasios.

Anglican Communion — *Bishop John Moorman of Ripon, England; Bishop Najib Atallah Cuba’in of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria; *the Rev. Eugene R. Fairweather, professor of theology at Trinity College of the University of Toronto; Canon Clement W. Welsh, director of studies of the College of Preachers at the Episcopal cathedral in Washington, D.C. Substitutes: Dr. Peter Day of New York, ecumenical officer of the executive council of the Protestant Episcopal Church; Dr. John W. Lawrence of London, chairman of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s advisory committee on radio and television; *Canon Bernard Pawley of Ely cathedral, England, former liaison officer with the unity secretariat here for the Archbishops of Canterbury and York; *the Rev. Howard Root, professor of theology at Cambridge University; Canon John R. Satterthwaite of London, the Church of England’s general secretary for foreign relations, and Canon John Findlow, who is Canon Pawley’s successor as liaison officer in Rome.

Lutheran World Federation — The Rev. Kristen E. Skydsgaard, Danish theologian who is director of the federation’s new ecumenical center in Strasbourg, France; *the Rev. Warren A. Quanbeck, professor of systematic theology at Luther Theological Seminary, St. Paul, Minn.; *the Rev. Vilmos Vajta, professor at the ecumenical center in Strasbourg, and *Bishop Sven Silen of Vasteras, Sweden. Substitutes: Dr. Seppo Teinonen, professor of missiology and ecumenism at the University of Helsinki and general secretary of the Finnish Council of Churches; *the Rev. Jerald C. Brauer, dean of the divinity school at the University of Chicago, and the Rev. Haggen A.K. Staack, head of the department of religion at Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa.

World Presbyterian Alliance — The Rev. Vittorio Subilia, dean of the Waldensian theological school in Rome; the Rev. John K.S. Reid, professor of dogmatic theology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland; the Rev. Richard H.N. Davidson of Toronto, a minister of the United Church of Canada.

Evangelical (Lutheran) Church of Germany — *Dr. Edmund Schlink, professor of dogmatics at the University of Heidelberg. Substitute: Pastor Wolfgang Dietzfelbinger of Erbendorf.

World Methodist Council — *Bishop Fred Pierce Corson of Philadelphia, president of the council; *the Rev. Albert C. Outler of Dallas, professor of theology at Southern Methodist University; *the Rev. Harold Roberts, principal of the theological school at Richmond, England.

Substitutes: The Rev. Jose Miguez-Bonino, director of the Protestant theological school in Buenos Aires; the Rev. Emerito P. Nacpil, professor of systematic theology at Union Theological Seminary, Manila; *the Rev. David Alan Keighley, representative in Italy of the Methodist Church in England; the Rev. E. Gordon Rupp, professor of church history at the University of Manchester, England; *the Rev. William R. Cannon, dean of the Candler School of Theology at Emery University in Atlanta; *the Rev. Robert E. Cushman, dean of the theology school of Duke University, Durham, N.C., and *the Rev. Max W. Woodward of London, secretary of the World Methodist Council.

International Congregational Council — The Rev. Douglas Horton of Randolph, N.H., former moderator of the body, and *the Rev. George B. Caird, senior tutor at Mansfield College, Oxford, England. Substitutes: The Rev. Edgar H.S. Chandler, executive director of the Church Federation of Greater Chicago; the Rev. Stuart LeRoy Anderson, president of the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, Calif.; the Rev. Ralph D. Hyslop, professor at Union Theological Seminary, New York; the Rev. Ruben H. Huenemann, president of the United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, New Brighton, Minn., and *the Rev. Heiko A. Oberman, professor of church history at the Harvard University Divinity School.

World Convention of Churches of Christ (Disciples) — *Dr. William Barnett Blakemore, dean of Disciples Divinity House, University of Chicago, and Dr. Basil Holt, administrative field secretary of the Disciples of Christ for South Africa and minister of Linden Christian Church, Johannesburg.

Friends World Committee — *Dr. Douglas V. Steere, professor of philosophy at Haverford (Pa.) College.

International Association for Liberal Christianity and Religious Freedom — *Dr. L.J. Van Hoik, professor at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands, and the Rev. A.W. Cramer of The Hague, executive secretary of the association. Substitutes: The Rev. George Williams, professor of church history at the Harvard University Divinity School, and Dr. H. Faber of The Hague, president of the association.

Church of South India — Bishop Pereji Solomon of Dornakai, deputy moderator of the Church of South India.

United Church of Christ in Japan (Nippon Kirisuto Kyodan) — Dr. Tetsutaro Ariga of Osaka, director of the National Christian Council Center for the Study of Japanese Religions.

Protestant Federation of France — *The Rev. Hebert Roux of Paris, minister of the French Reformed Church, in charge of interconfessional relations.

World Council of Churches — The Rev. Lukas Vischer of Geneva, research secretary of the WCC Department on Faith and Order and *Dr. Nikos A. Nissiotis, director-designate of the WCC Ecumenical Institute at Bossey, Switzerland. Substitutes: The Rev. Paul R. Abrecht, executive secretary of the Department on Church and Society; the Rev. Victor E.W. Hayward, Geneva, secretary of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism; the Rev. Patrick C. Rodger, Geneva, executive secretary of the Department on Faith and Order, and the Rev. T. Paul Verghese, Geneva, WCC associate general secretary.

Australian Council of Churches — The Rev. Frank L. Cuttriss, rector of St. James’ Anglican church, Sydney.

The following are guests of the Secretariat:

Orthodox Theological Institute of St. Serge, Paris — to be represented alternately by: Archpriest Alexis Kniazeff, rector and professor of Old Testament and Mariology; Archpriest Nicolas Afanassieff, professor of canon law and early church history, and Prof. Paul Evdokimoff.

St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, Yonkers, N.Y. — *Archpriest Alexander Schmemann, dean and professor of dogmatic theology.

Community of Taize, France — *Pastor Roger Schutz, prior, and *Pastor Max Thurian, subprior.

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod — to be represented alternately by: *The Rev. Oswald C.J. Hoffmann of St. Louis, speaker on “The Lutheran Hour” radio series; the Rev. Carl S. Meyer, director of studies and professor at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, and the Rev. Walter F. Wolbrecht of St. Louis, executive secretary of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.— to be represented alternately by: The Rev. Robert C. Dodds of New York, associate secretary for Christian unity and director of ecumenical affairs, and *the Rev. William A. Norgren of New York, executive director of the Department of Faith and Order.

The following are guests as individuals: * Pastor Marc Boegner of Paris, honorary president of the Protestant Federation of France; *the Rev. G.C. Berkouwer, professor at the Free Protestant University of Amsterdam; *the Rev. Oscar Cullmann, professor at the Universities of Basel (Switzerland) and Paris, and *Pastor Wilhelm Schmidt, vicar of St. Michael’s Evangelical Brotherhood, Bremen-Horn, Germany.

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