Council Urged to Back Family Prayer

Leo Cardinal Suenens of Malines-Brussels, Belgium, has formally suggested that the Vatican council’s schema on the Church in the modern world include an exhortation to family prayer.

Cardinal Suenens, who is widely credited with initiating the idea of the conciliar document, made the suggestion in a council speech (Sept. 29) at the urging of Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., globe-traveling “rosary priest” who has carried his rosary crusade for family prayer to millions throughout the world.

Cardinal Suenens’ proposed amendment to the schema reads:

“In order to strengthen the sense of God in the intimacy of the family, that prayer by which all its members worship God together in faith and love, and receive His most fruitful blessings, is especially advantageous.” The amendment was suggested in the schema’s second part, chapter one, No. 6, dealing with family life.

Another amendment on family prayer seems well on its way to inclusion in the final version of the schema on the lay apostolate.

This too was made at Father Peyton’s suggestion.

This amendment, formally supported by 313 council Fathers, reads:

“The family divinely receives the mission to be a vital and fundamental cell of society. It will fulfill that mission provided: it exists as a domestic sanctuary of the Church through the mutual piety of the members and prayer made in common to God; provided the whole family goes forth from this sanctuary and joins itself to the Church’s liturgical worship; and finally, provided, through strength of charity and domestic prayer, it offers a living hospitality and promotes justice and other good works in the service of all brothers suffering from want.”

This amendment is offered for chapter three, No. 12 of the lay apostolate schema.

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