Voting Concludes on Revisions for Duties of Bishops

The Second Vatican Council on Oct. 1 concluded its voting on amendments to its proposed declaration on the pastoral duties of bishops, and gave overwhelming approval to all four proposals submitted to it.

The votes, numbered 13 through 16, were in line with the approval given the first 12 referenda on the preceding days. Following are the day’s results:

Vote 13 — Articles 33 and 35, concerning the duties of Religious in the apostolate. A bishop can ask the help of the regular clergy, in case of a scarcity of diocesan priests, always respecting the nature of each religious institute. Yes, 2,093; no, 36.

Vote 14 — article 35 (separately), all Religious, both exempt and non-exempt, are subject to the local Ordinary in matters which pertain to divine worship, to the care of souls and to preaching. Schools administered by Religious depend upon the local Ordinary for their place in the whole apostolate. Yes, 2,046; null, 3.

Vote 15 — on the second chapter as a whole. Yes, 2,090; no, 26; null, 2.

Vote 16 — on the third chapter as a whole. (No amendments were made to this chapter, as was explained in a commission report that was distributed but not read.) Yes, 2,039; no, 20; null, 1.

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